Welcome to the public-facing web site of the Fine Foods Group

As the group is hosted in a platform that is reserved for registered members, this page is meant to provide you with information about the group that you may find useful in determining if you would like to become a member or a business partner.

The Fine Foods Group is a professional networking organization for natural, specialty and artisanal food companies, as well as an on and off-line resource to launch, groom and grow food companies. It is a unique food business accelerator that now has over  1,000 member companies, ranging from $0 to $15M+ in revenue, which have benefitted from its directories, knowledge base, forums, workshops and selling events.

Small food businesses are an important source of new, “clean” jobs for our region, yet they face great obstacles to achieving market success. The Fine Foods Group is actively lowering operational and market barriers for its food makers, more than half of which are minority-owned, by being a leading connector between makers, suppliers and customers, as well as an important source of industry information and business knowhow.

The Fine Foods Group has had a positive community impact by being an engine for the creation of dozens of new jobs.

While the Fine Foods Group is usually reserved for food industry professionals, occasionally, individuals from outside the industry are invited to participate in the dialog and in group activities.